About ladyjohawk

I am a grandmother of two wonderful little ones, the mom of two wonderful kids, a wife, a friend. I do have health problems, but live each day to the fullest. I love to weave, do crafts, read take photos and sometimes sit with our cats and enjoy the sun & birds. Love trying new (aka old reciepes), trying to make life easy and simple again, and life in general!

Good Morning!!

It is a wonderful morning…..Had my first cup of coffee, while talking to my daughter in law….our usual morning chat. ( she calls me every morning…we drink coffee, chat and wake up together….love her!)  Posting my new photo for the day on my blog and on my facebook page I created…..then doing housework…..then I am reading today.  One of my goals for this year is to read 100 books, have 2 read so far.  I do not watch TV at night, but enjoying reading with a drink and a cat near by…..lighting candles…..and talking to my husband.  Hope all of you enjoy following me and my photos and life!


Hello world!

Always say….wouldn’t that make a great photo, or wish I had a camera……So now I do.

I am keeping camera in hand as I go about my daily life and documenting as I go….follow me as go about and take photos……..some will be great, others…so so…..you judge…and follow me